Annual Report

Annual Report

Dear Citizens of Princeton:

We are proud of the accomplishments listed throughout this Annual Report. The high quality of service provided by all of our departments is typical of the caliber of employees of the City of Princeton. We want to express our appreciation to everyone who made these accomplishments possible. As you will see, many projects have been completed and many more are currently underway.

  • Received $10,000 Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) grant which was applied to removing a number of dilapidated mobile homes and junk cars and provided TV advertising for the Recycling Program. Received $10,000 Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) grant which was applied to removing a number of dilapidated mobile homes and junk cars and provided TV advertising for the Recycling Program.
  • Adopted Resolution approving Community Participation Grant Contracts with WV Development Office for $1,500 for Princeton Autumnfest, and $2,000 for Celebrate Princeton Street Fair.
  • Installed ceiling tiles, insulation, new doors and windows at City Hall under grants received through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.
  • Approved contribution of $5,000 and in-kind assistance from City Departments for Fourth of July Celebration in partnership with Princeton Rescue Squad.
  • Celebrated Fire Department’s 100th Anniversary on August 29, 2011, with the commissioning of a new fire truck as the focal point of the celebration with the mounting of a plaque thereon commemorating the service of all past Fire Chiefs and members of the Fire Department.
  • Completed installation of “Yellow Brick Road Crosswalk” on Mercer Street, adding enhanced degree of safety for students crossing between Stages Music and the Arts Collective.
  • Completed full restoration of the Centennial Fountain at Athens Crossroads.
  • Approved Resolution authorizing agreement with WV Department of Transportation for $176,560 Transportation Enhancement Grant to construct sidewalks along Honaker Avenue and North Walker Street.
  • Approved Resolution authorizing resubmission of an application for HUD/Small Cities Block Grant to fund drainage improvements in and around the Stafford Drive area.
  • Approved bid of Conn’s Service Center, Inc., Bluefield, WV, at $23,240.18 for the purchase of a John Deere Tractor and Mower for the Public Works Department.
  • Approved list of 14 city streets, or portions thereof, identified for asphalt paving during the 2012 Street Paving Project.
  • Received grant of $4,000 which funded the purchase of 829 smoke detectors to be distributed and installed for approved applicants.
  • Approved bid of DCI/Shires, Inc., Bluefield, WV, to construct new gateway signs contingent upon the project costs meeting the budgeted amount of $131,340 with funding to be provided through a Transportation Enhancement Grant and matching funds from the City.
  • Approved Resolutions authorizing contracts with the WV Development Office for Community Participation Grants for $10,000 for Recreation Center for Replacement of Light Fixtures, and $7,500 for Police Department Portable Video System.
  • Approved bid of Finley Fire Equipment, Ona, WV, at $96,570 to provide the Fire Department with 18 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).
  • Adopted Ordinance Authorizing Lease Agreement between the City and Princeton Building Commission and a Bond Purchase Agreement among the City, Princeton Building Commission and Purchaser of Lease Revenue Bonds to Finance the Costs of the Acquisition, Construction, Improvement and Equipping of Princeton Municipal Building.
  • Approved the Business and Occupation Tax Incentive for 8 businesses, which is offered by Princeton City Council to encourage the growth of new business in the City by granting exemptions to qualifying businesses.
  • There were a total of 25 new business start-ups for Fiscal Year 2012 in our City.

We want to acknowledge the employees, citizens, businesses, and volunteers who have made the past year such a tremendous success.

Princeton City Council

Patricia W. Wilson, Mayor
Marshall V. Lytton, Vice Mayor
Timothy C. Ealy, Council Member
James E. “Jimm” Norman, Council Member
Dewey W. Russell, Council Member
Christopher O. Stanley, Council Member
John E. Wilborn, Council Member

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