City Clerk


The mission of the City Clerk is to keep and maintain records of the Council and and its appointed boards and commissions for the City of Princeton, including minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other vital documents, and performs other duties that may be required by the Council.


The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining official records of the City, including the recording of proceedings of City Council meetings along with the boards and commission records of action, He records all ordinances in the City Code of Ordinances and all resolutions in the Resolution book, administers oaths of office, handles Freedom of Information Act requests, and serves as a notary public for the City of Princeton. He is the custodian of the corporate seal of the City and is the officer authorized to use and authenticate it. The City Clerk is the custodian of all official records of the City.

Additionally, the City Clerk also acts as the chief election officer for municipal elections which involves acceptance of fees and registration of qualified applicants, securing voting places, printing of ballots, selection of poll workers, proper procedures for absentee voting, and certification of results. the City Clerk works in cooperation with the Board of Elections in planning elections. The City Clerk also works with Voter Registration.



Codes and Ordinances

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