Certificate of Occupancy

Every business with a physical location inside the city limits of Princeton must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. The Certificate of Occupancy requires the Zoning Official, Building Inspector and Fire Inspector to agree that your business location meets all city and state zoning, building and life safety codes. A completed and signed Certificate of Occupancy is required before your City Business License will be issued.

To obtain your Certificate of Occupancy you must meet with the following City Officials:

Zoning Official

It is highly recommended that you check with the Zoning Official before purchasing real estate or leasing a business location. The Princeton Zoning Code establishes where different types of businesses can and cannot locate within the city limits of Princeton. The Zoning Official must sign your Certificate of Occupancy before it can move on to the Building and Fire Inspectors.

You must also check with the Zoning Official before installing any type of sign, as all signs must meet certain size and quantity guidelines and installation specifications.

Building and Fire Inspectors

If the Zoning Official approves of your business location, the City Building Inspector and Fire Inspector will need to conduct an initial walk through of your business location. These initial inspections are to ensure that the building meets all building and fire codes and is safe to occupy for both you and your customers.

If either inspector finds building code or life safety code violations, they will require correction of the violations before they grant the Certificate of Occupancy. Any construction, electrical or plumbing work, needed to correct a violation, will require a permit from the Building Inspector.

Numerous code violations may require multiple inspections. The Certificate of Occupancy will not be granted until the final inspection is completed and approved.

Ready to Open for Business

Once all three City Officials have approved the Certificate of Occupancy, you will receive a City Business License and Certificate of Occupancy, both of which must be posted in a prominent location in your business. You cannot open for business until you have a signed Certificate of Occupancy and a City Business License.

You can make appointments with the appropriate City Official by calling the numbers listed below. Because they are often out conducting inspections, be sure to leave a message and phone number so that they can return your call.

Phone Numbers

Zoning Official 304-487-5022
Building Inspector 304-487-5037
Fire Inspector 304-487-5026 or 304-487-5017